To change the world by putting purpose at the heart of every purchase. Our goal is to create technologies that connect every act of buying with a reciprocal act of giving.

Our four pillars make the difference

Our four pillars have proven market results, showing how, with in/pact's new platform, companies can outperform and enhance performance of all other advertising, marketing, conversion, loyalty, referrals and sales activities. Today, they're allowing us to go even further, to provide a platform that represents a "new pact" between companies, causes and customers.


Customers want to buy and tell friends to buy from companies that are committed for the long run to making a difference in their lives.


Customers decide where corporations should direct giving as a % of sales.


Real-time social media supported connectivity and engagement.


The research shows that customers don’t trust corporations and they don’t trust that they are giving what they’re promising or making a difference.