Grow with Goodness

Set your giving budget, engage with vote-based donations, and boost sales. Plug-n-play charitable giving for SMBs.

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Proven Impact, Trusted Expertise

in/PACT brings a legacy of partnering with giants like Target and Walgreens, while Givz is a recognized force in the SMB sector.

Embrace a Target-ed approach to community giving.

GivPact brings Target-style democratized community giving to small and medium businesses.

Empower your customers: Each purchase earns a vote, giving them a say in directing funds to participating nonprofits. You allocate funds based on their votes at each voting period's end.

Embrace a model that merges customer loyalty with measurable social and economic benefits: increased store visits, deeper community ties, and a tangible boost in sales. This isn't just a program, it's a partnership for progress.

* customers that signup now will benefit from our special offer

Watch Your Numbers Grow

The ROI of interactive charitable giving

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Return on Charitable Investments


Repeat Purchase Rate


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Today's Customers Expect Brands To Have A Positive Impact

  • 71% are paying more attention to the impact of the brands they buy from than 1 year ago.

  • 78% of stakeholders are in the dark about company programs and cannot amplify their impact.

  • Millennial vision: 81% choose brands championing corporate responsibility.

  • Purpose meets profit: 73% rally around companies unifying social impact and business impact.

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Budget Control

Set your giving budget upfront. It's strategic philanthropy aligned with your financial planning. No hidden costs, no complex calculations - just straightforward giving.

Turn Purchases into Votes for Good

Let your customers have a say in your giving. Each purchase earns votes for their favorite charity, deepening their connection with your brand and making each buy more meaningful.

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Stand Out from the Crowd

Differentiate your store with our unique vote-based donation system. Unlike the usual percentage donations, GivPact lets you offer something more engaging and interactive to your customers.

Choose Charities That Resonate

Select from a list of vetted charities that align with your business values. This way, you're not just giving back - you're strengthening your brand's message and identity.

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