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Transform Digital Banking & Loyalty with Charitable Giving

GoodCoin™ is a white-labeled charitable giving platform specifically designed to be embedded within your organization's digital experience, whether that is Online Banking, your mobile banking app or your loyalty program. Our community giving and loyalty programs help millions of people every day direct contributions to local causes. We’re currently working with Fortune 500 and other companies to help shape community support programs to address the urgent needs triggered by COVID-19.

Deepen Relationships

Giving is a financial necessity in your customers' lives. Empower your customers to make one-time & recurring donations for over 1.2 million validated, IRS-compliant 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.

Forge Meaningful Connections

Feature your community partners prominently, amplifying your customers' impact through matching campaigns, roundup programs, and social impact gamification tools.

Capture Giving Intelligence

The activity dashboard is designed to offer a quick glance at the giving indicators: giving trends like top nonprofits and top categories, number of users and donations, recurring donations and average donations.

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in/PACT & FIS™ release new product: Round Up To Charity for Debit Transactions

by Amy Kubie

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Plug and Play

GoodCoin™  is easy to deploy on your company website or mobile platform. Customers or employees can access a dashboard that displays donation history, tax receipts and featured charities all in one place.

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All charities are created equal in our eyes - that means your customers can support a large, national nonprofit just as easily as their local church or school. GoodCoins's charity database allows donors to search by location, size or cause to learn all about the different ways they can support their community & the world.

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Donors can watch their impact grow over time within the GoodCoin™ donor dashboard & receive thank you messages from causes. The platform allows donors to see the impact their donations make & build over time, along with the ability to share activity with friends on social media.

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Our 501(c)3 Foundation operates a Donor-Advised Fund ensuring thorough partner vetting & timely grantmaking disbursement to nonprofits for maximum impact generation.

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Main Features & Benefits

New Feature

Empower your cardholders to take advantage of their spare change with Round-Up

Round-Up to Charitable Giving

A seamless method of contributing to the charity of your cardholders' choice.

Control over the amount of charitable contribution, with optional caps if desired.

Enable your cardholders to contribute to social impact through routine daily debit transactions.

Round-Up can be integrated with your existing platform and your consumer-facing app via APIs, bringing a frictionless experience for your cardholders.

Multiple Donation Options

One-time donations - Donors may support their local school or a global organization through GoodCoin. Giving to multiple charities all in one platform consolidates tax receipts and donation history, making it easier to give than ever before.

Recurring donations - Donors can choose to support their favorite causes on a regular basis by setting up recurring donations that increase the lifetime impact of their gifts.

Round-up donations * - Donate spare change to favorite causes by rounding up card payments to the nearest dollar. GoodCoin makes round-up giving effortless. Donors' everyday actions build up and they can watch as that impact grows over time.

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Turnkey Disaster Relief Campaigns

Leverage brand goodwill by letting customers know they can make donations online through your trusted platform to the effective relief partners.

When disasters occur, people and companies feel compelled to do something to help… and fast. GoodCoin turnkey disaster relief campaigns that can be turned on overnight during a crisis.  The platform provides the right tools to quickly set up, communicate and engage your customers.

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Custom Campaigns and Seasonality

With GoodCoins you can also create hyperlocalized, seasonal campaigns and support, back-to-school or the Holidays etc.

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Access Insights into Customer Interests

While your customers manage their giving, we provide you with deep insights into the charities and causes that matter most to them, so that you can align corporate philanthropy with the causes that will resonate with your customers.

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Marketing tool kits & Integration

We have put great deal of effort into getting you in a position for a rapid deployment. You will have immediate and on-going access to marketing campaign tool kit for events, featured Charites and key giving events throughout the year. Additionally, our solution is fully integrated with the Banno SSO* .

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Grow loyalty, insights and sales by engaging customers through the causes they care about the most.

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* Features available in Q2 2020