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Barrett Davie

Partner at InFlow Partners, LLC

Barrett is driven by the power of people, passion and purpose, and the boundless opportunities we have as a society when we combine the power of disruptive thinking and conscious entrepreneurship.

He focuses on working with enterprises striving to significantly enhance operational capacity while enabling significant and measurable positive societal impact. Barrett believes entrepreneurs are the heroes of our future, simultaneously increasing profit while solving many of society’s major challenges.

A successful and accomplished business professional, his management, legal, and finance experience are drivers in leading to the successful organization, capitalization, development, and recruitment of accomplished team members and world-class directors and advisors to a number of operating organizations, both as a senior leader and in an advisory capacity.

Barrett’s specialties include managing companies in environments of strong growth and change, working with venture capital in the leadership of capitalization campaigns, management of complex affiliate relationships, and experience in all aspects of private company corporate governance and management.