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Erika Nardini

Former CMO, AOL Advertising

For Erika, impatience is a virtue. Her distaste for standing still helped her scurry up to the top of the marketing game in short order, most recently as AOL Advertising’s CMO, where she oversaw marketing operations, brand development and partner experiences. Prior to AOL, Erika held positions at several other big operations, including Demand Media, Yahoo!, Inc. and Microsoft.

She credits her professional tenacity to her experience as a college lacrosse goalie, where she learned to focus on every play, yell very loudly and stand in a cage while people hurled projectiles at her. It’s a lot like business school, but more practical.

Erika graduated from Colby College with a BA in Sociology. She and her husband live outside of New York City with their two children and their two Bernese Mountain Dogs. In her downtime, Erika can be found adding to her collection of LL Bean tote bags. Everyone needs a hobby.