Products & Solutions

in/PACT offers a robust menu of customizable solutions to enhance your charitable giving strategy, and empower your customers with comprehensive giving options.

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For Banks & Credit Unions

Transform digital banking with share of $300B of charitable transactions and retain customers in banking or card loyalty ecosystem.

For Fintech Platform Providers

Enhance consumer offering with a strategic, competitive differentiator providing meaningful customer engagement.

For Loyalty Platforms, Brands, and Retailers

A key differentiator in the loyalty marketplace, adding a portfolio of social good rewards from over 1.2 million nonprofits.

Our Capabilities

Explore the latest solutions in charitable giving technology and corporate philanthropy with in/PACT

Loyalty Solutions

Today’s consumers want to support brands and companies that align with their values. Engage, inspire, and reward your employees and customers to drive customer loyalty and - ultimately - ROI, company value, & long-term growth.

in/PACT gives your most loyal customers the flexibility to support causes they care about most by powering loyalty point redemption for charitable donations.

Rewards & Engagement

Drive engagement at events and online through uniquely branded charitable giving programs using in/PACT’s robust set of social good rewards.

in/PACT offers white-labeled digital user giving experiences, social and gamification tools, charitable gift card programs, custom branded microsites and marketing resources.


in/PACT offers APIs and web-based tools that integrate directly into your digital channels, are built for scale and connect your customers with over a million vetted organizations in the US.

Our APIs lay the framework for your completely customizable user interface for charitable giving, including searching by keyword, category, or location, viewing charity details, setting favorites, and making donations directly through your website or mobile app.


in/PACT offers powerful grantmaking services so you can ensure your funds are disbursed in a timely manner and monitored for effectiveness.

Our holistic approach to charitable giving sets the bar high for grantmaking standards and we disburse hundreds of grants every year.

Vetting & Compliance

in/PACT has the experience and resources to find and vet organizations that align with your strategic goals and augment your charitable giving program.

We ensure nonprofits meet the highest vetting standards and our partners’ criteria and requirements by assessing the legitimacy, reputation, and impact of every applicant or referral to our programs.

Cause Marketing

These days, consumers want to know what a company stands for. in/PACT helps you address important social or environmental issues by developing cause marketing strategies and charitable giving programs that suit your goals and objectives.

We create and digitize your charitable giving programs, giving your customers the power of choice and the ability to connect with your brand on a more purposeful level.

Disaster Relief

in/PACT powers turnkey disaster relief programs that can be turned on overnight for any disaster, so donors can support trusted nonprofit organizations that provide aid to affected areas.

We'll help you create a custom matching campaign to help customers and employees donate in times of crisis, identifying the local organizations that can support their communities most effectively.


Be top of wallet and enhance customer engagement and loyalty with card benefits like RoundUp To Charity.

in/PACT allows your customers the ability to round up their transactions to the nearest dollar and send micro-donations to a charity of their choice, all with real-time notifications and impact reporting.

Matching Gift Programs

in/PACT facilitates matching gift programs for companies of all sizes, making it easy for you to support good work in your communities and build meaningful relationships with employees, customers, and nonprofits.

Maximize engagement and impact for your giving program with a matching campaign management tool, allowing customization of matching gift ratios, minimum and maximum match amounts, and ways to incorporate matching gifts across your marketing channels.