Spotlight on Giving. Spark Loyalty.

Discover the power of corporate goodwill transformed into customer awareness. Our unique approach makes your giving programs a beacon, illuminating your brand's commitment to social responsibility.

Experience the ripple effect as this awareness enhances your brand reputation and fuels customer loyalty, ultimately driving revenue growth.

Amplify Awareness, connect, and create loyalty through community giving.

Ignite Engagement by giving customers a unique opportunity to participate in your charitable initiatives.

Boost Brand Reputation by demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility.

Foster Loyalty through active engagement in social community giving programs.

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Engagement Unleashed

CX Community Impact opens a new dimension of customer engagement by integrating corporate giving with existing loyalty programs and promoting shared values and communal benefits.

Reputation Reimagined

CX Community Impact brings corporate social responsibility to the forefront, letting your customers witness and partake in your brand's positive world impact.

Impact Amplified

Drive meaningful change that resonates with your customer base by engaging them directly in the fund allocation process, maximizing social impact.

Business Boost

Implementing CX Community Impact appeals to socially conscious consumers, promoting customer loyalty and potentially boosting revenue.

Mastering the Art of Corporate Giving

How CX Community Impact Addresses Key Challenges

In a world where 'making a difference' is no longer optional, but a mandate for companies, 82% of businesses are already on the move with community giving programs.

However, having a program in place is just the start. There are crucial challenges that most companies face in their CSR,ESG & Corporate Giving initiatives.

Lack of Customer Awareness and Engagement

Your corporate giving program is up and running, but are your customers truly connecting with it? Or is it merely background noise in their interaction with your brand?

CX Community Impact Unlocks Engagement

Transform your customers from sideline spectators to center-stage participants. By integrating CX Community Impact with your loyalty programs, you're not just telling your giving story—you're inviting customers to be a part of it.

Reputation Risk with Misaligned or Wrongdoing NPOs

Partnerships with NPOs that don't align with your brand values or that fall short on due diligence can pose significant reputation risks.

CX Community Impact Aligns Your Path

Through rigorous vetting and due diligence, CX Community Impact ensures you're navigating a safe passage with over 1.6 million NPOs. So, your brand always resonates with integrity and credibility.

The Implementation Maze

Many companies aspire to have an interactive community giving program, but struggle with the complexity of implementation.

CX Community Impact Clears the Path

Our platform makes it easy to design and implement a tailored giving strategy. From onboarding to fund disbursement, CX Community Impact streamlines the process, letting you focus on what matters most - making a positive impact.

Turn your challenges into your triumphs with CX Community Impact.
Engage deeper, impress brighter, impact harder, and let your brand reach new heights.

CX Community Impact

Elevate your brand's philanthropic endeavors while transforming customers into engaged partners

CX Community Impact reshapes corporate giving by involving customers directly. Through it, your brand's philanthropy is an open dialogue, inviting customers to join forces with you, propelling funding to the causes they resonate with.

The outcome? A distinctive communal bond, cementing customer loyalty, fortifying your brand image, and producing an amplified social-business impact.

Yet, CX Community Impact doesn't just end here. We recognize that navigating the vast non-profit world can be overwhelming.

By choosing CX Community Impact, you unlock our broad network of 1.6 million screened NPOs, assuring your goodwill connects with credible initiatives.

Plus, our hassle-free integration with existing loyalty schemes and simplified onboarding processes ensure a smooth transition to CX Community Impact.

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How CX Community Impact Works

The Blueprint for Your Giving Transformation

Our robust APIs enable seamless integration with your existing loyalty and community giving programs. With CX Community Impact, you'll have access to:

  • Tailored giving strategy to align campaigns with brand values, customer preferences & market focus.

  • A vast network of over 1.6 million nonprofits

  • Localized campaigns to resonate with your customer base

  • Personalized giving options for a personalized customer experience

  • Comprehensive nonprofit reputation vetting and onboarding

  • Secure and efficient funds disbursement

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Case Study

Featured Customer

Target customers can help direct how Target gives to the communities around them.


Making an impact is at the heart of Target Circle. That's why, Target Circle members, can vote to impact the communities they are a part of.

As a Target Circle member, guests earn a vote for each Target trip. Guests can then use those votes to direct where funds go in support of nonprofits in their community and across the nation. As each voting period wraps, Target awards grants to the nonprofits based on the percentage of votes they receive.

We worked directly with guests to develop Target Circle, and the program includes the benefits and perks that they told us were most important to them, from earning on every Target trip to having the opportunity to help Target make a positive impact within their local communities.

– Rick Gomez, executive vice president and chief marketing and digital officer, Target

  1. Community Giving Program is the program which provides Target Circle members the opportunity to earn and cast votes to help direct where Target makes its Donation to Nonprofits.

  2. Rotating every 90 days, customers see a selection of local and national nonprofit charities, when they visit Target Circle online or through the Target mobile app.

  3. Nonprofits will appear based upon a customer’s identified local store location.

  4. Customers can cast their votes to a single organization or customers can choose to spread it amongst the nonprofit options.

  5. Partners will change regularly to allow customers to support a variety of organizations in their local community.

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