Touch Hearts. Boost Loyalty.

Integrate charitable giving into your rewards program, engaging customers and setting your brand apart. Experience the power of social impact, increased brand loyalty, and enhanced ROI.

Drive customer engagement by aligning your brand with their values and passions through our innovative donation rewards platform. 

Differentiate your brand in the competitive landscape by providing a distinct, values-focused rewards experience that deeply connects with your customers.

Nurture stronger bonds by showcasing your dedication to making a positive difference and supporting local communities.

Add a new growth dimension as you attract and retain loyal customers with a compelling, values-based loyalty program.

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Competitive Edge

Stand out from the competition by offering a unique, values-driven loyalty rewards experience that goes beyond the traditional rewards program.

Enhanced Interaction:

Keep your customers engaged through localized campaigns and tailored giving options, encouraging them to interact more frequently with your brand.

Improved Brand Perception:

By aligning your brand with your customers' values, you strengthen your reputation as a responsible, customer-centric organization committed to making a positive impact.

Breaking Through Loyalty Barriers

How CX Loyalty Impact Paves the Way for Enhanced Engagement and Brand Differentiation

In today's competitive market landscape, loyalty programs are indispensable for mid to large-scale retail, hospitality, and travel businesses. Yet, two pressing issues hinder the efficacy of such programs:

  • The engagement challenge: numerous loyalty programs grapple with sustaining customer interest over the long haul, culminating in diminished redemption rates and overall program performance.

  • The differentiation dilemma: facilitate seamless onboarding and legal documentation for selected NPOs.

CX Loyalty Impact is designed to tackle these challenges head-on by providing a unique, personalized, and meaningful loyalty rewards experience. By enabling customers to donate their points, miles, or cashback to a wide range of vetted nonprofits, CX Loyalty Impact creates a powerful connection between your brand and your customers' values, increasing engagement and differentiating your loyalty program from the competition. Major brands like Walgreens and Target have already harnessed the power of CX Loyalty Impact to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Introducing CX Loyalty Impact

The Ultimate Solution for Enhanced Customer Engagement and Brand Loyalty

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CX Loyalty Impact, part of in/PACT's CX Community Giving Suite, is an innovative loyalty rewards donation platform designed to augment your loyalty program.

By enabling your customers to donate their points, miles, or cashback to over 1.6 million vetted nonprofits, you create a powerful connection between your brand and your customers' values.

CX Loyalty Impact has already empowered major brands like Walgreens and Target to bridge the gap between corporate good and customer awareness, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

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How CX Loyalty Impact Works

Experience a Robust, Secure, and Dependable Integration with CX Loyalty Impact's Comprehensive APIs

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Our robust APIs enable seamless integration with your existing loyalty program. With CX Loyalty Impact, you'll have access to:

  • Tailored giving strategy to align campaigns with brand values, customer preferences & market focus.

  • A vast network of over 1.6 million nonprofits.

  • Localized campaigns to resonate with your customer base.

  • Personalized giving options for a personalized customer experience.

  • Comprehensive nonprofit reputation vetting and onboarding.

  • Secure and efficient funds disbursement.

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Recent Collaborations

New Customer

Walgreens customers can now donate Walgreens Cash Rewards to local charities in their communities.

Walgreens, together with in/PACT, launched a new capability for the company and its more than 100 million loyalty members to help give back directly to the communities where they live.

Walgreens unveiled the new donation capability in April 2021, which enables their  customers to donate Walgreens Cash Rewards to local nonprofits via or the myWalgreens mobile app.

“Launching this new donation capability with in/PACT allows Walgreens and its customers to give back to organizations with similar values and improve the overall well-being of local communities.”

– Alyssa Raine Group VP of Customer Marketing Platforms, Walgreens

Our Solution

Walgreens integrated in/PACT Donation Redemption APIs into their Loyalty Program, allowing customers to view local nonprofits based on their preferred store location and donate Walgreens Cash Rewards to the nonprofit options.

On the back end, in/PACT provides vetting and due diligence to ensure all organizations meet Walgreens' program eligibility requirements, nurtures all nonprofit relationships and communications, and provides scalable and efficient solutions for grantmaking based on donation redemption values.


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