Together in Purpose, Generous in Action.

Enhance your organization's impact, bolster employee satisfaction, and foster a deeper sense of corporate purpose and community involvement.

Empowerment through Purpose. GoodCoin's robust platform reimagines employee engagement, offering an avenue for employees to connect with causes they are passionate about and resonate with your company's values.

Widen your Impact Horizon. Through our network of 1.6M verified non-profits, enable your employees to back causes close to their heart, creating ripples of goodwill.

Enhance Engagement with interactive features like matching gift campaigns, roundup programs, and social responsibility challenges.

Establish your brand as a forerunner in community upliftment, charitable giving, and championing employee satisfaction.

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Boost Employee Loyalty

A user-friendly donation platform aligns with modern employee expectations, enriching their sense of connection with the company.

Define Corporate Character

Reflect your brand's profound commitment to societal contributions, forging a bond between company values and employee aspirations.

Tax Advantages

Navigate the financial landscape with potential tax deductions, positioning GoodCoin as an asset for both corporate finances and employee benefits.

GoodCoin Empowerment Suite

Workplace Giving Meets Purpose Tech


Workplace Giving Today: More than 60% of Fortune 500 and many smaller companies offer workplace-giving programs.

Embracing the future: Millennials & Gens X, Y, Z contribute $500 annually.


Complex Manual Processes: HR teams struggle with manual donation tracking and tax receipts.

Lack of Employee Awareness and Engagement: Employees are not always aware of the existence of the workplace giving program or may not fully understand how it works

Our Solution

Personalized Giving Experience.

  • Offer employees a central "Giving Wallet" consolidating all their charitable activities and preferences.

Engaging Donation Features

  • Introduce "Round UP to Charity" options for salary deductions or bonus programs.
  • Motivate employees with Matching Campaigns, magnifying their donation impact.

Showcase Collective Impact

  • Celebrate the collective difference your company and its employees make within communities, reinforcing brand values and fostering pride.

Main Product Features

Allow employees to effortlessly manage their charitable contributions while tracking their impact. Experience the GoodCoin difference.

One-time donations: Facilitate employees to back local or international causes, streamlining tax receipts and donation histories.

Recurring donations: Let employees amplify their charitable footprint through regular contributions.

Round-up donations: Encourage consistent giving by converting small amounts into substantial change.

Turnkey Disaster Relief Initiatives

Equip employees to swiftly back relief efforts, reinforcing corporate responsiveness and compassion during crises.

Customized Seasonal Campaigns

GoodCoin makes it easy to set up targeted campaigns during specific events or seasons, rallying employees around timely causes.

Giving Insights Dashboard

Gain insights into your employees' charitable activities. Our intuitive dashboard offers a comprehensive view of key metrics, from popular nonprofits to donation trends, fostering a data-driven approach to corporate social responsibility.


Together in Purpose, Generous in Action.

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