Strategic Giving Blueprint

Unifying Business Goals & Corporate Giving Through Shared Purpose

Strategic Giving Blueprint aligns stakeholders, philanthropic endeavors, and marketing tactics, weaving them into a harmonious vision. Our mission transcends mere giving — it's about embedding philanthropy at the heart of your business story.

For CSR & Corporate Philanthropy: Elevate and intertwine your noble endeavors with customer engagement, amplifying resonance in the shared purpose chorus. 

For Loyalty & Marketing: Transform customer interactions into profound connections, where every touchpoint not only boosts sales but also strengthens the bond with your brand's core values and mission.

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How Strategic Giving Blueprint Works

In just 30 days, we’ll guide you through a transformative journey


Understand what truly matters to your stakeholders.


Gauge your initiatives against industry best practices.


Craft a vision-driven giving program that aligns with your business goals.


Use our actionable roadmap to launch impactful initiatives.

Why We Choose Strategic Giving Blueprint

The Case for a Strategic Giving Blueprint:The Power of Shared, Cause-Based Purpose

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink made a striking statement: “Purpose is the 'Animating Force' for profits.” What does this mean? In the past, businesses saw their 'purpose' as just a tagline or mission statement. Now, it's the heartbeat of a brand, merging business goals with genuine passion.

But there’s a twist. Today's customers want more. They don’t just buy products; they join stories. They're not just spending money; they're investing in a brand's values and what it truly stands for.

That's where in/PACT comes in. We see that a brand's cause-driven purpose isn’t just a feel-good idea—it's smart business. We help brands and customers come together, creating a shared story that's both meaningful and powerful. In this partnership, both the brand and its customers contribute to the story.

This resonates especially with the rising generation of socially responsible consumers:

  • Millennial Vision: 81% choose brands with a strong corporate responsibility ethos.

  • Gen Z Allegiance: 33% remain loyal to brands that make a positive social impact.

  • Brands as Catalysts: Two-thirds of consumers view brands as agents of change.

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Unify corporate philanthropy with marketing to amplify a shared vision, recognize your brand's societal contributions, and leverage the 'Sleeping Giant' of integrated corporate giving.

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