Investor, Board Member

Ammar Charani


Ammar has founded, co-founded and invested in over 26 startups, and enjoys working with highly talented, smart and happy people who want to change the world. He dedicates most of his time to helping people discover, activate and live their higher purpose, their Purposehood! is where one starts by writing a Purposehood Statement.

Ammar's most fulfilling startup was a social enterprise that pioneered cause marketing and generated over 300 million dollars in annual sales for Fortune 50 clients in a little over a year by giving back percentage of sales to customers’ chosen charities. That was over 25 years ago.

Currently, he is with SocialGood.Venture which aims to make one billion people happier by investing in companies that do well by doing good. SocialGood.Venture invests in technology companies that do brand activation through purpose.

In addition to mentoring startups, he enjoys working with CEOs and their C-Level teams to introduce simple practical steps to creating growth through igniting a giving culture. It's all about increasing ROI with the same budget by engineering happiness for employees and customers while making a difference.

As a global serial entrepreneur and an angel investor, his mature startups generate over a billion dollars in revenue and employ thousands. Ammar is an engineering graduate from UCF where he co-designed a biodegradable staple to repair a torn meniscus with limited side effects saving major surgery time. Additionally, he is a Harvard Business School Alumni of the President’s Program in Leadership.

Ammar dedicated the rest of his time with YPO learning from the best educational network of the most talented global business leaders who are actively making a difference around the corner or across the globe.