Charlotte Beers

Speaker, Educator and Author of "I'd Rather Be in Charge"

Throughout her illustrious career, Charlotte Beers has been a CEO, a Chairman, and Undersecretary of State, and the first woman to appear on the cover of Fortune Magazine. But none of those titles compare to what Charlotte is called today: a Teacher, educating women across the United States and Europe on how to break the glass ceiling, in what she calls "the era of forging ahead for women."

Told in an intimate and honest style, "I'd Rather Be in Charge" is part personal history, part pragmatic guide, as Charlotte describes her own experiences, stories from her students, and lessons from her peers such as Martha Stewart and Suze Orman. By chronicling both successes and mistakes, Charlotte illustrates the universal message that finding your own personal style of leadership is the only way to take charge and to find meaning and joy in the ever-evolving workplace of today.

"I'd Rather Be in Charge" is a breakthrough book, a master class for women who are ready to learn how to shatter the glass ceiling, reach the corner office, and - above all - develop their highest self in the workplace and beyond.