2020: Social Good Programs To See Continued Momentum

By Amy Kubie in Blog, General
February 11, 2020 05:00

Recent studies on the impact of social good engagement on companies’ bottom line results show that 2020 is likely to be a banner year for programs that help drive meaningful engagement around giving back to the community.

  • McKinsey released a study towards the end of 2019 showing that social good programs in the financial service industry have gone from being a “nice to have” to being a “must have.”
  • Cone Communications shows that customers are looking to embrace brands that share their same values, “and [Americans] believe supporting these companies is a way to show they care about issues that are important to them.”

At in/PACT and our sister nonprofit The GoodCoin Foundation, we enter 2020 with real momentum driven by our engagements with Fortune 500 corporations with our Loyalty and financial services offerings. We continue working towards our goal to grow the world's heart by making charitable giving easier, more accessible and more secure for people everywhere.

Our focus in 2019 centered on expansion as several of our clients’ programs grew to new heights nationwide. 

We enabled a new loyalty program with a community giving component for a major mass market retailer to expand nationwide. The program is highly localized and features a rotating list of charities in the area that shoppers might find relevant. Then they can earn and redeem their loyalty points as they shop to support those local charities.

With FIS, the world’s leading provider of payments and digital banking solutions to the financial service industry, we saw the mass enablement of our GoodCoin platform roll out to more community banks, credit unions and financial institutions. 

We established key partnerships with brands such as Rainier who sought to digitize their cause marketing efforts. 

We continued our program with the experiential platform IfOnly and saw the addition of numerous sweepstakes prizes contributing astounding levels of funding to some truly great causes, including Shania Kids Can, PitCCh In Foundation and Save The Children. Since the program started in 2017, we’ve helped support 174 charities all around the country, sending over $1.7 million in grants.

We also passed some major milestones this year that we’re proud to share! The Tech Tribune has recognized in/PACT as one of the top start-ups in Charleston, SC for 2020, for the third year running.  In 2019 alone, as of November, we made over $1.4 million in grants, with every month bringing an increase in the funds going towards hundreds of different nonprofit organizations doing awesome work in communities across the country. These grants would not have been possible without the companies behind them, connecting purchase to purpose every day, and the people who are engaging with those brands.

As we look forward in excitement to 2020, we are reminded of the impact we as individuals can have on our communities, and how everyone can play a part in growing the world’s heart. Seeing the growth of companies with purpose creates the impetus for us to continue our efforts to support our clients, partners, and donors.

Over here at in/PACT, we’re looking forward to the coming adventures and new partnerships that will continue to grow our communities and support those in need more than ever before.