Unveiling the Strategic Giving Blueprint: Bridging Corporate Giving and Loyalty for a Shared Vision

By Catalin Serban in Blog
November 06, 2023 22:00

The world is rapidly changing, and in this bustling landscape, the companies that stand tall are those that are more than just profit machines. They are entities with a heart, a vision, and a clear purpose.

Enter in/PACT's Strategic Giving Blueprint: A strategic consulting approach tailored for businesses aiming to align their corporate giving with loyalty initiatives.

A Journey Born Out of Necessity

At in/PACT, we've always believed in the power of unifying business goals with corporate giving. Yet, we observed a consistent challenge within many organizations: the presence of a shared vision but siloed execution. The CSR/Corporate Philanthropy teams and the Marketing/Loyalty teams both rally around promoting the company's purpose, yet their paths rarely intersect, leaving untapped potential behind.

Here’s the big revelation: Your brand could be a beacon of societal well-being, but if this isn't communicated effectively, the broader public remains oblivious. Think of this as the 'Sleeping Giant' phenomenon. But, what if this giant awakens? That’s where the Strategic Giving Blueprint comes in.

The Power of Shared, Cause-Based Purpose

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink made a striking statement: “Purpose is the 'Animating Force' for profits.” What does this mean? In the past, businesses saw their 'purpose' as just a tagline or mission statement. Now, it's the heartbeat of a brand, merging business goals with genuine passion.

But there’s a twist. Today's customers want more. They don’t just buy products; they join stories. They're not just spending money; they're investing in a brand's values and what it truly stands for.  

That's where in/PACT comes in. We see that a brand's cause-driven purpose isn’t just a feel-good idea—it's smart business. We help brands and customers come together, creating a shared story that's both meaningful and powerful. In this partnership, both the brand and its customers contribute to the story.

This resonates especially with the rising generation of socially responsible consumers:

  • Millennial Vision: 81% choose brands with a strong corporate responsibility ethos.
  • Gen Z Allegiance: 33% remain loyal to brands that make a positive social impact.

Brands as Catalysts: Two-thirds of consumers view brands as agents of change.

Introducing the Strategic Giving Blueprint

Our strategic consulting service marries corporate philanthropy and loyalty in a unique approach, turning stakeholders into partners and corporate giving into an overarching strategy that fuels business growth.

For CSR & Corporate Philanthropy Teams: The Blueprint elevates your efforts, aligning them with customer engagement strategies to weave a shared purpose narrative.

For Loyalty & Marketing Teams: Imagine a loyalty program that not just rewards but involves customers in a shared purpose journey.

How It Works

In just 30 days, we’ll guide you through a transformative journey:

  • Research: Understand what truly matters to your stakeholders.
  • Benchmark: Gauge your initiatives against industry best practices.
  • Strategize: Craft a vision-driven giving program that aligns with your business goals.
  • Execute: Use our actionable roadmap to launch impactful initiatives.
  • Measure & Refine: Monitor the results and continuously enhance your efforts for maximized impact.

What's in it for You?

The benefits are manifold:

  • Gain deep insights into stakeholder priorities.
  • Benchmark against industry standards.
  • Acquire a clear roadmap from idea inception to execution.
  • Make data-driven decisions.
  • Amplify your brand's reputation.
  • And much more.

Next Steps: Embrace the Future of Business

The Strategic Giving Blueprint is more than just a framework; it's a strategic consulting journey tailored to revolutionize the way businesses approach corporate giving in alignment with their brand narrative and loyalty programs.

Let's Craft Your Strategic Giving Blueprint Together.

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