Drinking With A Cause

By Stacy Verner in Case Studies
October 27, 2015 04:00

“Maximum growth and high ideals are not incompatible. They’re inseparable.”

Here at in/PACT, we’ve always taken that quote to heart. Written by Jim Stengel, the head of the in/PACT Advisory Board, in his book “Grow,” this quote drives our company mission, business model and the types of clients we love the work with each and every day.

So when we met the guys at Montucky Cold Snacks, we fell in love with their business. Formed and founded on a Montana winter evening in 2011, Montucky Cold Snacks is a light beer that is not only refreshing, but centers its core values around giving back to the communities that support it, as well as celebrating the active, outdoor lifestyle that encompasses Montanan life.

Despite statewide distribution and growth, this small business has not only remained focused on providing a quality product at a competitive price, but has stayed genuinely true to their pledge to give a percentage of their profits back to local charities and nonprofits that support the land, people, wildlife and art across the states of Montana, Washington and Oregon.

According to their founder Jeremy Gregory, “Montucky Cold Snacks was built upon the principal of giving 8% of our profits back to the communities that support our business; that premise is easy to do if you only give to a few places, but is not easy to spread around on a larger scale. We wanted to find a way to give our customers more power and control over where our donation dollars went.”

They call it “drinking with a cause.” And they do it through in/PACT.

As they focus on future expansion, Montucky Cold Snacks is on to something big, because they don’t only think about their profit; rather, they keep their purpose engrained within their growth strategy. It’s not a last minute add-on or a “nice to have” – it’s a permanent part of who they are, written into their brand story and executed on a unique, personal and interactive scale.

“in/PACT allows us to put the power of our donations into the hands of our customers at no cost to them,” Gregory said. “Better still, it enables our customers to donate to areas they care about in real time, so they aren’t left wondering where and when we donate. in/PACT has streamlined the charitable side of our business, while vastly improving our ability to effectively campaign about how and where we give back.”

Within their first two years of business, Montucky Cold Snacks controls about 0.02% of the market they’re in – however, they’ve managed to contribute $12,000 to different nonprofits through their sales. Their long-term goal is to achieve 1% of the domestic beer share, allowing them to contribute over $600,000 to local causes through their sales each year. Because of this built-in company purpose, when consumers buy a Montucky Cold Snack, they’re not just buying a beer – they’re buying a brand.

To help Montucky Cold Snacks execute their brand purpose, visit their website to direct $1 from Montucky’s wallet into your favorite Montana, Oregon or Washintgon-based cause.