in/PACT Launches New Employee-Empowered Giving Platform, GivDay, on #GivingTuesday

By Stacy Verner in Press Release
December 01, 2015 05:00

GivDay, a new turnkey technology platform aimed at putting purpose into the heart of every workday, announced their product launch on Tuesday, December 1, coinciding with International Giving Day.

The new product allows employees to direct a company contribution to the cause of their choice every single week by delivering one simple email into their inbox as often as their employer would like - once a week, day, month or year. With a few simple clicks, GivDay allows companies to make an investment in their workplace and deliver measurable ROI through increased employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity.

In addition to launching the product on Giving Tuesday, GivDay is agreeing to donate a sum of money to each nonprofit that is selected by employees during the month of December as an added incentive for companies to join the platform before the new year.

"We couldn't be more excited to bring GivDay to the world," said John McNeel, CEO of in/PACT, GivDay's parent company. "We've been using the GivDay platform ourselves for some time, and the positive effect it has on our employees and our sense of togetherness is apparent. It's a great way to engage with your company stakeholders and do real good in the process."

There are two different versions of GivDay: Basic and Pro. To sign up on GivDay, simply visit their website and customize your first email.


GivDay drives employee engagement and sales through people-empowered giving. The GivDay platform makes it easy to connect doing well with doing good through one simple email delivered directly to your inbox each and every week. By putting purpose into the heart of every work day and allowing employees to direct a company contribution to the cause of their choice, employers who utilize GivDay are making a direct investment in their workplace, delivering measurable ROI through increased productivity.


in/PACT, GivDay's parent company, has introduced the world's only global purpose activation platform that connects brands to their customers, employees and other stakeholders through "people-empowered giving." Through its proprietary platform and portfolio of digital products, in/PACT provides better loyalty, increased conversion and more sales for businesses through social good incentives.