Is It Possible to Change the World?

By Stacy Verner in Guest Blogger
November 10, 2015 05:00

This guest blog post comes from Olivia Brooks Allan, in/PACT's new Vice President of Strategy.

If you’re anything like me, you may have felt like you could, and most certainly would, change the world for the better, when you were a kid. Your eyes were fresh, energy high and anything seemed possible.

While many of us lose some of our childhood hopefulness through the inevitable trials that adult life throws our way, I have maintained one part of my childhood: I work really hard to have nervous butterflies in my stomach at least once per day. My belief is that if you don’t, you may not be living your best life. The butterflies that come when you do something out of your comfort zone is, for me, an injection of youthfulness each and every day.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to work for great companies and recognizable brands throughout my career including The Four Seasons, The Peninsula, Taj Hotels and, most recently, American Express. While an employer of course seeks contributions from their employees, I count myself as one of the lucky ones that has also been able to learn and grow tremendously throughout my career.

One of the biggest learnings I’ve had thus far is the importance of building and nurturing a sincere and intimate relationship with the customer. I truly believe that companies today who are able to find a way to develop that sincere and intimate relationship will be the most successful in the long-term. And there is really no better way to start on that path than by defining your company’s purpose and living that purpose, authentically, every day.

I’ve recently joined in/PACT’s management team, and I’m happy to report that not only do I have a lot of nervous butterflies, but I also have that little girl giddiness again - in the hope that I’m a part of a team that might just change the world.

What’s behind this new injection of hopefulness? Simply put, in/PACT has developed a unique and proprietary technology platform that helps companies, and their associated brands, integrate purpose into the heart of every consumer purchase. Our mission is to make “people-empowered giving” the largest contributor to causes in the world, and I truly believe that we’ll do just that.

The result of people-empowered giving allows every act of buying to have a reciprocal act of giving, helping the consumer feel great about their purchase and the brand gain insightful and intimate direction on where to take their company. Imagine how simple, yet brilliant, a symbiotic relationship between company and consumer could be, where a purchase can simultaneously do “good” as well as help companies understand the underlying needs of their customer, allowing them to also do “well.”

I’m looking forward to being part of the in/PACT team, and definitely have a few butterflies just thinking about the possibilities! More insights and observations to come.